A cargo de Christian Gonzalez-Billault PhD

 MIÉRCOLES, 14 de Agosto de 2019

12 hs, Aula del IMMF


Neurons are highly polarised cells that contain two compartments that differ in their molecular composition and functions, the axon and dendrites. The acquisition of polarity in neurons is regulated by several cellular mechanisms that include membrane and cytoskeleton dynamics amongst others. Both microtubules and actin microfilaments are involved in the polarised distribution of organelles and membrane vesicles. Noteworthy, membrane derived components also can regulate locally the dynamics of cytoskeleton.In this presentation we will present evidenced showing that different vesicles associated to small GTPases from the Rab family control axon and dendrite morphology. In addition we will discuss how subsets of these vesicles can locally regulate the activity of proteins that control actin dynamics. These results show that membrane and cytoskeleton dynamics are intertwined processes that need to be concertedly regulated to define neuronal shape.


Geroscience Center for Brain Health and Metabolism

Adjunct Professor

The Buck Institute for Research on Aging,

Novato, CA, USA

Website: http://www.gerochile.org

Personal Website: http://cenedyn.org

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