Our Job

The investigations that we developed in the Ferreyra Institute are based on three pillars.

Academic quality

For more than 70 years, the Ferreyra Institute trains professionals from different branches of knowledge with recognized levels of excellence nationally and internationally.


Our research, specialized analysis and the knowledge acquired provide our society with the knowledge necessary for working together towards a developing country.


We carry out scientific research that allows us to make a contribution to the scientific progress of the country in the search for innovative solutions for diseases and / or pathologies.

The Medical Research Institute Mercedes and Martín Ferreyra is a non-profit institution dedicated to scientific research and the training of human resources (scientists and technicians) in the medical sciences.

It also contributes to the dissemination of knowledge through publications and support and integration to undergraduate and postgraduate university teaching.

Our Researchers

The researchers of the Institute and the members that compose the directory, include experts in the areas of cell and molecular biology, biophysics, physiology and behavior analysis, among others.

Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology (BBC)

Investigators: 17
Post-doctoral fellows: 4
Doctoral fellows: 20
Tesinists: 4
Interns: 2
Technicians: 5

Department of Psycho-Physiology

Investigators:  11
Post-doctoral fellows: 1
Doctoral fellows: 10
Tesinists: 3
Interns: 1
Technicians: 9