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Dr. Bagatolli has worked over 25 years on biophysical aspects of biological membranes. Currently his research topics are related to the physicochemical aspects of cellular systems, particularly aspects related to non-equilibrium thermodynamics, molecular crowding and spatial confinement that occurs in the intracellular environment during cell function using mainly state-of-the-art fluorescence related techniques (e.g. spectroscopy, confocal and multiphoton excitation microscopy). Dr. Bagatolli has been published numerous scientific articles, including scientific papers, review articles and book chapters, including 3 books, mostly on structural and dynamic aspects related to lipid-lipid and lipid-protein interactions of membranes of different composition (synthetic lipid mixtures, natural lipid extracts and natural occurring membranes such as those existing in the skin stratum corneum and lung surfactant).

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Emergent phenomena in biomimetic systems and cells.

This project aims to explore how key cellular features, such as molecular crowding (the situation in which solutes, by their nature and concentration, alter intensive properties of the aqueous environment), spatial confinement and limited availability of free water can impact the dynamical and structural characteristics of living cells during cellular function. The relevance of these parameters in the behavior of cells has been documented over the years, although paradoxically they are systematically disregarded in the canonical models that describe the cell. The specific aim of this project attempt to study in both cells and biomimetic systems, the impact of these key cellular features may regulate the coupling between mechano-chemical properties of the cell cytoplasm and oscillatory biochemical processes involving ATP metabolism. We posit that only a few fundamental physicochemical descriptors are necessary to understand integrated function in cellular systems, bringing rationality to the current descriptive schemes based on tens of thousands of molecular actors interacting without spatiotemporal information. Substantive modifications in the current premises (e.g. van’t Hoff’s ideal solution theory, mass action kinetics) that describe the function of cellular systems symbolize in my opinion the grand challenge of this ambitious endeavor.

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Dr. Agustín Mangiarotti


Dr. Santiago Otaiaza


Bioq. Clara Castañares


GRANTS (Active) 

AGENCIA-FONCyT PICT-2017-2658 - Tipo A (PI, 07/2018), Argentina

PUBLICATIONS (last 5 years)

Research papers (peer reviewed)

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Book chapters

  • A. Bagatolli. "Fluorescence spectroscopy: basic foundations and methods." In Analytical Techniques in Delivery Science and Technology A. Müllertz, Y. Perrie, and T. Rades (Eds) Elsevier, chapter 2, pp. 29-60 (2016). view►
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  • A.Bagatolli. "Optical microscopy techniques and giant unilamellar vesicles" Chapter 10, In "The giant vesicle book. C. Marques and R. Dimova eds. CRC press, Francis & Taylor group (2019). view►


  • Vida ¿una cuestión de grasas? Una perspectiva desde la biofísica de membranas; edición electronica revisada (2017). Luis A. Bagatolli y Ole G. Mouritsen. Yachay EP, Ecuador. ISBN 978-987-42-6564-7 descargar► (in Spanish)
  • Life -as a matter of fat: Lipids in a membrane biophysics perspective (2016). Ole G. Mouritsen and Luis A. Bagatolli. Springer. ISBN 978-3-319-22614-9 view►

Popular dissemination

  • A. Bagatolli. 2018. “La célula como un gel: ¿Un cambio de paradigma necesario para reinterpretar como ocurren los procesos celulares?” view► (in spanish)