Our laboratory is interested in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of cellular phenotypic change, mainly of arterial smooth muscle and other cell types both under physiological conditions and in response to vascular damage. Smooth muscle cells (SMC) constitute a very interesting model of phenotypic change, since in the adult organism they retain a high plasticity that allows them to adapt to hemodynamic changes. During the development of vascular pathology, these cells undergo phenotypic dedifferentiation and transdifferentiation that actively participate in the progression of the disease. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to understand the mechanisms involved in these processes. Currently the laboratory has several lines of research. The PhD student Benjamín de la Cruz is dedicated to the identification of epigenetic mechanisms that regulate cellular plasticity processes, such as the role of noncoding RNAs and the participation of the RNA methylation machinery that control SMC phenotic transitions in collaboration with Dr. Gunter Meister from the University of Regensburg, Germany. Dr. Ximena Volpini study peripheral vascular alterations in response to Trypanosoma cruzi infection. The PhD student Lautaro Natali addresses the study of the mechanisms regulated by the transcription factor Slug in the regulation of cellular identity and collaborates with Dr. Cristina Motrán from CIBICI and Dr. Volpini to understand the vascular changes associated with T. cruzi infection. Another line, in collaboration with the Dra. Cecilia Conde Laboratory from IMMF, is focused on understanding the participation of SARA in the development of vascular remodeling, currently in charge of the student Micol Ruiz and Benjamin de la Cruz. One of the transversal interests of the laboratory is to understand phenotypic changes in vivo with the use of lineage tracing models with transgenic mice, in collaboration with Dr. Owens from the University of Virginia, USA.

On the other hand, Dr. Romina Scolari from the laboratory of Dr. Gladys Granero of the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Chemical Sciences, UNC, carries out an active internship in our laboratory for the in vivo study of nanoparticles use as carrier of antibiotics in the treatment of lung infections.




Benjamín de la Cruz-Thea

Estudiante de Doctorado Ciencias Biológicas

Becario Doctoral CONICET



Dra. Ximena Volpini

Becaria postdoctoral CONICET



Biol. Lautaro Natali

Becario doctoral CONICET

Estudiante de Doctorado Biología, UNC





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