In parasites, efficiency to react to changes in the microenvironment is directly related to their survival odds. Posttranslational protein modifications enable cells to rapidly and specifically respond to endogenous or exogenous stimuli, avoiding time- and energy-consuming de novo protein synthesis. Our laboratory studies different post translational modifications of proteins (methylation, cytrullination, SUMOylation, palmitoylation) during Giardia lamblia encystation to determine the similarities as well as differences with eukaryotic cells. Those differences will be employed to exploit putative new drugs to treat giardiasis.



2016-2020. PICT 2015-0154. FONCYT.ROLE: PI $ 740.244,00
2018-2021. SECYT. ROLE: PI $ 88.000,00
2019-2022. PICT 2017-0464. FONCYT. ROLE: PI $ 960.000,00


Luciano Diaz Perez 


Doctoral Fellow. FONCYT



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