Giardiasis is the most common diarrheal disease caused by parasites, commonly leading to weight loss, and may cause malnutrition, especially in children. The aim of our group is to build on our previous studies of endocytosis in the intestinal parasite Giardia lamblia, extending our focus to the function of exosome-like vesicles released by strains with different virulence. We will advance in the molecular characterization of exosomes from different strains and drug-resistant parasites to further analyze the role of these vesicles in pathogenesis, antiparasitic resistance, and triggering of antigenic variation. This will disclose whether long distance pathogen-to-pathogen and pathogen-to-host communication via extracellular vesicles represents a novel mechanism to control complex virulence phenotypes.



Dr. Constanza Feliziani

Assistant Researcher. CONICET


Biol. Juliana Musso

Doctoral Fellow. FONCYT

Bioq. Gabriel Luna Pizarro

Doctoral Fellow. FONCYT

Research SUPPORT

2019-2022. PICT 2017-2435. FONCYT. ROLE: PI

2020-2023. PICT 2018-0154. FONCYT. ROLE: PII




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