Study of mechanisms involved in the increment of Aβ production induced by Aβ deposition: possible role in Alzheimer’s disease progression.

Dr. Anahi Bignante is Assistant Researcher from National Council of Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET) and guest Professor at Universitary Institute of Biomedical Sciences Córdoba (IUCBC). She got Pharmacist and Ph.D in Chemical Sciences degrees in the Chemical Sciences School from the National University of Córdoba. Her tesis it was based in elucidation of some aspects from the neurobiological basis of emotional sensitization induced by acute stress, under the direction of Dr. Victor Molina. Later, she carried out her postdoctoral stay in the Experimental Neuropathology Laboratory of Ferreyra Institute, under the direction of Dr. Alfredo Lorenzo, studying several aspects of neurodegeneration induced by beta amyloid (Aβ), which have great imply in Alzheimer’s Disease pathology.

At present, Dr. Bignante performs her researchers at the Experimental Neuropathology Laboratory of Ferreyra Institute, analyzing aspects related with the amyloidogenesis and its modulation. Particularly, she is interested in describe mechanistically a feed-forward process of Aβ production focusing on the traffic and intracellular distribution of the proteins implied in the first amyloidogenic cleavage, APP and BACE1. At this end, she works with neuronal cultures and performs molecular and biochemichal assays, and advanced microscopy. Knowledge around this mechanism would clarify aspect related with Aβ deposition and would have relevance in develop of rationale therapeutic approaches in order of avoid and/or reduced Alzheimer’ disease progression.