Administrative Staff

Susana B. Pérez

Degree: Foreign Trade Operator (unofficial)

Position: Main Technician (DE) - CPA-CONICET


AREA: HR Manager. Imports. Preparation and organization of academic and administrative memories, summaries and reports in evaluative processes. Secretariat in Congresses, workshops, conferences, among others. Member in the Evaluation Committee CPA. Participant in the Institution´s internal Ministries: Fundraising, Cleanliness and Co-manager of Secondary Students Internships.

María Silvina Ferrer

Degree: Financial Operations Technical Assistant

Position: Administrative Officer - Accounting - CPA-CONICET

Activities: Secretary. General administration. Administration of national and international subsidies for researchers.

Graciela Guadalupe Meinardi


Position: Administrative Officer. art 9 -CONICET

Area: Administration

Activities: Responsible for the fulfillment of INIMEC accounting and administrative processes as well as for the monitoring and yield of subsidies for Foncyt projects, and those foreign received by researchers.

Marcelo Hector Perosio

Degree: Electronic Engineer, Management Engineer (MBA)

Position: Main Professional - CPA-CONICET

Area: Infrastructure

Activity: Plant Engineering.

Vivarium Staff

Marisa Gigena

Degree: PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Position: Associate Professional - CPA-CONICET

Area: Vivarium

Activities: She is responsible for managing all activities performed by the IMMF Vivarium since 2013. There are six technicians who work in this area. She coordinates the activities performed by these with the aim of offering different services of High-level Technology (STAN, in its Spanish acronym) to users who are internal and/or external to the Institution. She is in charge of the training through the organization of workshops and internships in relation to all aspects concerning test animals.

Romina Maiorano

Degree: Clinical Laboratory and Histopathology Technician

Position: Associate Technician - CPA-CONICET

Area: Vivarium

Activities: Production and maintenance of animals under SPF conditions. Management of the Vivarium ́s sterilization area.

Eliana Soledad Martínez

Degree: Clinical Laboratory and Histopathology Technician

Position: CPA Associate Technician - CPA-CONICET

Area: Production Vivarium.

Activities: Ensuring the welfare of animals. Performing thinning, sexing, weaning and crossbreeding keeping the outbreeding and inbreeding systems in rats and mice. Assigning a certain pregnancy date to animals (rats and mice). Preserving and monitoring genetically modified mice strains under micro insulation conditions. Extraction and collection of biological samples in rats and mice. Making and updating maternity and animal stock records. Managing and monitoring biosecurity measures. Performing and coordinating sterilization cycles and their corresponding controls.

Jesica Piovano

Degree: Clinical Laboratory and Histopathology Technician

Position: Assistant Technician - CPA-CONICET

Area: Experimental Vivarium

Activities: Production and maintenance of test animals (rats and mice), and the conditioning of materials used for such purpose. Taking of samples and administration of substances on such animals.

Joaquín José Nigro

Position: Associate Technician - CPA-CONICET

Area: Vivarium-Workshop

Activities: Vivarium-related activities, Vivariums and Institution maintenance tasks according to specific orders.

María de los Milagros Nigro

Degree: Clinical Laboratory and Histopathology Technician

Position: Assistant Technician - CPA-CONICET

Area: Vivarium

Activities: Planning of rats and mice production and monitoring of their macro and micro environment; management of colonies, biological samples collection and design of marking methods. Determining animals’ state of health, and maintaining the area under biosecurity regulations.

Patricio Pereyra

Position: Assistant Technician

Area: Vivarium

Activities: Training and performance in the Test Animals Area. (Experimental Vivarium)

Currently, an undergraduate student of the Psychology Degree in the National University of Córdoba, carrying out the End of Course Project within the framework of Neuroeducation.
Participation in a project about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) through the behavioral and neurochemical characterization of a genetically modified mouse, which displays the clinical features of such disorder (Neurophysiology Lab).

Staff in charge of common areas or associated to projects

Soledad de Olmos

Degree: Biochemist. Ph.D. in Health Sciences

Position: Main Professional - CPA-CONICET

Area: Neuroanatomy and Experimental Histology

Activities: Neuroanatomy and Histology Lab Manager. The activities performed are devoted to the improvement of neurohistological techniques, particularly the Golgi Silver Impregnation technique, in which the elimination of regular fibers is achieved and the impregnation of degenerated axons is increased (de Olmos y col 1969, 1972, 1981,1984). The technique known as Silver Staining (A-Cu-Ag) (de Olmos y col., 1994) is the latest modification to argentic methods and is highly sensitive to reveal neurodegenerative changes caused by different types of injuries. This feature turns the A-Cu-Ag technique into an ideal tool for the full neuroanatomical description of those brain structures involved in the answer to different agents that cause irreversible neurodegenerative damage. Dr. de Olmos offers her experience and the development of neurohistological techniques as a High-level Technology Service (STAN) of the INIMEC-CONICET.

Olga Beatriz Haymal

Degree: Clinical Laboratory and Histopathology Technician. National University of Córdoba.

Position: Main Professional- CPA-CONICET

Area: Psychophysiology Department

Activities: Cannulas implants in veins or arteries for sample extraction. Drug administration through IG, IP, EV, SC, AC channels. Cleaning Technique of contaminated Knockout mouse strains. Collection and preparation of samples for Gas chromatography. Use of gas chromatograph. Member of the Institutional CICUAL.

María Mónica Remedi

Degree: Biochemist, Pharmacist, PhD in Chemical Sciences

Position: Main Professional - CPA-CONICET

Area: Neurobiology Lab. Stem Cells Culture Lab

Activities: Culture of induced stem cells (iPSCs), development of different protocols for the two- and three-dimensional culture and its differentiation into neurons by means of different techniques. Participation in the development of research projects of the INIMEC Neurobiology Lab as a specific project support task.

Andrea Vanina Pellegrini

Degree: Clinical Biochemist, Pharmacist, PhD in Chemical Sciences

Position: Associate Professional - CPA-CONICET

Area: Cell Culture

Activities: Manager of the Common Culture Room, Institute’s material and tools sterilization, cooperation with users in culture tasks, Control of mycoplasma contamination in cells and samples of vivarium through PCR. Participation in projects in collaboration with INIMEC labs.

Myriam Siravegna

Degree: Clinical Analyses and Histopathology Lab Technician.

Position: Associate Professional – CPA-CONICET

Area: Molecular Biology Facility

Activities: In charge of the Molecular Biology Facility. Preparation of ultracompetent bacteria from different E. coli strains for their use by all its members, solutions, buffers and culture media.

In charge of the following Technological Services (STAN):

-Determining Osmolarity to inorganic solutions.

-Biological samples and inorganic solutions Lyophilization.

-Determining radioactivity in liquid samples.

Gonzalo Quassollo

Degree: Biologist, PhD in Biology

Position: Assistant Professional - CPA-CONICET

Area: Microscopy

Activities: In charge of the Microscopy Department. He provides advice and assistance in the use of microscopes (spinning disk confocal or DSU), Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscope or TIRFM, Confocal, and other laboratory equipment. He advises users on the handling, conservation and processing of samples that will be used on microscopes. Image processing. Participation in projects in collaboration with INIMEC labs.

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